More maquettes

So many ideas, so hard to choose what to work on next. Please follow me on Instagram @AmandaRandallSculpture to see…


Clay maquettes

I make dozens of clay models as studies for possible carving. Some of them are lovely artworks in their own…


Sawing stone

I sawed the slit in ‘Polypore,’ with a tungsten carbide tile saw. That’s Sarah Moore behind me at the Burngate…



This was our living room floor last winter while I was trying to create the bicycle icon for the website.…


Dinosaur Poo

Sometimes I come across soft muddy parts inside the stone. I don’t mind this if they’re not too big –…


Roughing out

To begin, I use a pitcher to knock off the corners of the block. It’s a large, blunt chisel which…


Turkey Oak acorn cups

There are thousands of these in Stoneleigh. Sadly the Turkey Oaks, an ornamental variety, are taking over from their English…


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