A Rare Selfie

Drawing in the snow. Working on location is really important to me. My artworks are about my emotional reaction to…


Drawing with Gloves On

I never tried drawing with gloves on before, but it was very cold! Scroll down to play the video. 10.2.21


Towering Tree of Funghi

In the centre of Crackley Wood I discovered a towering tree of funghi glowing vivid orange against the snow. Conservation…


Birch polypore

There’s a wealth of funghi to be found in Crackley Wood. Birch polypore is very common. As it’s name suggests…


A fallen giant

Three generations of my family played in Crackley Woods as kids – myself, my mum and my daughter. This fallen…


Shrinking woodlands

Only 10% of the area of England is wooded, as opposed to 37% of Europe. The green areas of the…



I love creating collages, cutting directly into the painted paper, drawing with the scissors. Its a great way of working…


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