Shrinking woodlands

Only 10% of the area of England is wooded, as opposed to 37% of Europe. The green areas of the map show the woodlands currently standing in Warwickshire – not many! The rail link cuts through several of them. HS2 has published plans to plant ‘up to’ seven million trees as part of their mitigation strategy for phase 1. In the first year alone 38% of the trees they planted died as HS2 refused to water them, explaining that it would be cheaper just to plant replacements the following winter. How many times will they do that before they give up? The UK has committed to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050 – that gives us less than 30 years. Scientists warn that’s far too slow as climate change caused by carbon emissions will probably create catastrophic effects within a decade. It will take 400 years for the new trees to mature enough to replace the biodiversity and carbon sinks which have been lost by felling ancient woodlands.

Don’t get me wrong, I love trains. But right now we need to protect every mature tree and woodland that we can.


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