How do we come back from this?

After years of protests and campaigning HS2 is finally being built. Contractors are rushing to clear ancient woodlands and strip away vital topsoils in order to create compounds and access roads ready for this massive construction project. Across the country exhausted activists are watching in horror as thousands of veteran trees – which should be the solution to our climate and ecological emergency – are torn down and chipped. All of our campaigning seems to have been in vain.

How do we come back from this? Do we turn our backs and walk away in despair? Or do we keep resisting, like the young campaigners in tunnels under Euston square? What role should the arts play in this?

For the next few months I’ll be exploring these questions through drawings and sculptures that I create during or after visit to sites affected by HS2 in Warwickshire.

To read the full story of HS2, and all the arguments for and against the scheme, please visit Stop HS2 or, for the official line,


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